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Meat Maniac Original Beef Jerky

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Everybody has at least one lofty dream, something they aspire to achieve despite the staggering odds against it ever happening. Some might want to be an all-star athlete, many might want to become an oscar winning actress, while others strive for political office so they can wield unchecked power and oppression over the masses en route to world domination and the title of King of the Humans. Ok, that escalated quickly. Back to the point. All of us at Meat Maniac too have a dream. A dream that one day we would have our own brand of beef jerky. Real beef jerky with our name on the bag, not just a duct tape label with Meat Maniac written in magic marker. Well guess what, it ain't a dream any more. Now we'll get to working on our next dream: Scarves made out of bacon. (3oz resealable bag)

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