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Bacon Salt - Hickory

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All of us here at Meat Maniac may have our own opinions, ideas and beliefs about life, but there is one topic that we all agree on 100%. That belief is that Bacon is king of all the meats! In fact it is such a vital point of view, essential to our everyday interaction with the world around us, that it is a requirement for employment. Problem is you can't eat bacon ALL the time, that isn't the healthiest practice. Luckily some genius invented Bacon Salt. A tasty way to give the flavor of bacon to just about anything, without adding extra calories, fat, or cholesterol. Aside from your basic salting of foods, Bacon Salt can also be used as a rub/seasoning for grilling. Bacon Salt comes in seven different bacon-centric flavors: Original, Maple, Cheddar, Jalapeno, Hickory, Applewood, and Natural. Hickory Bacon Salt is a little more smokey than original, but not in that fake, liquid smokey kind of way. Goes great on potatoes, steaks, tomato soups, salmon, cream cheese dips and more! (16 oz - Low Sodium, Vegetarian and Kosher certified.)

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