Sizzling Bacon Candy Lemon Salt Marlin Fish Jerky (1oz) Gummy Habanero Pepper (Strong Heat)
Sizzling Bacon Candy
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Meat Maniac Salted Large June Bugs Smoked Marlin Fish Jerky (1oz) Meat Maniac Smoked Rattlesnake- Gourmet Canned Wild Game Meat

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Indian Valley Exotic Summer Sausage Sampler

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Indian Valley Exotic Summer Sausage Sampler

Sampler three pack of Indian Valley Meats summer sausages. Indian Valley Meats uses only the finest ingredients, natural spices, and inspected game meat to make these high quality sausages. Included in this variety pack:

One Hot and Spicy Summer Sausage with Reindeer: the spice blend in this Summer Sausage is not overpoweringly hot, just the right blend of spices to bring out the flavor of the meat, with mild to medium heat. Made with reindeer, beef, and pork.(9oz)

One Alaskan-Siberian Sausage with Caribou: the spice blend in this Alaskan-Siberian Sausage is not spicy-hot; it has perfectly blended spices that enhance the flavor of the meat. Made with caribou, beef, and pork.(9oz)

One Buffalo Trail Sausage with Buffalo meat: this is a mild sausage with no heat. Made with buffalo, beef, and pork. (9oz)

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