Meat Maniac- Purveyor of tasty meats & the unusual.

Meat Maniac started with a man and his dream. No, not the dream where you're running through the halls of your high school, naked, getting ready to take a test you never studied for, but a dream where you could become one with bacon.

Our fearless leader, Torrey, started as a one-man operation, traveling to area craft and food shows, delighting bacon lovers everywhere. Soon, he had so many products that traveling was no longer feasible, and he set up shop at a large flea market in North Texas. As the name and legend of Meat Maniac spread, so did his fan base, and eBay and Amazon sales soared to new heights. Now Meat Maniac has moved into a permanent retail location in Richardson, Texas (just north of Dallas), to better serve all the North Texas Meat Maniacs out there, while still maintaining our online presence for all the Meat Maniacs across North America and the globe!

Although we still celebrate bacon, and all sorts of tasty meats, we also carry many fun novelty products; some having to do with meat, and some, just too dang cool NOT to offer our customers.

We are also committed to being as Green as possible, re-using packing materials, boxes, and other shipping containers that we have collected from area businesses, or from shipments that we have received.

Welcome to the world of Meat Maniac, where we celebrate meat, tasty treats, and the unusual!

If you are in the Dallas area, check out Meat Maniac's Retail Location:
1881 N. Plano Road
Richardson, TX 75081
214.EAT.MEAT (214.328.6328)